Children and Technology

‘A’ Assignment #3: Children and Technology Children have been using technology a lot throughout the years. Even through experience I have had a child ask me for my phone so that they can play on it. Using technology is good, but I believe using to much can become a bad thing. We need to put […]

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Language in a Digital Age

‘A’ Assignment #2: Language in a Digital Age 😝😇😉😂 This research has really surprised me because I would have never thought about language in a digital age. It amazes me of how language can be so much now a days, such as just a simple emoji or just a simple tweet. These can actually say […]

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Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age

‘A’ Assignment #1: Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age Throughout my research on teaching and learning in a digital age I have come across a lot of interesting article that I believe everyone would like. Here are the articles that I found: Here are the article that were provided: […]

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My Metaphor is: Gardener I choice this metaphor because it stood out to me the most. A gardener takes a small seed, plants it in the ground, and nurtures it. He keeps it free from weeds, provides water, and gives access to sunlight. And soon enough, that small seed turns into a flourishing plant. Teachers […]

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My Journey in Baking

I can’t believe this is my last post about my LIP. Throughout this semester I have learn a lot of different and new things, but the most important thing that I learned is its okay to do something you enjoy to do. It’s always great to be able to learn something new and different. I […]

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This week feels like it has come and went just like that. I can’t believe that each week keeps going by faster. This week we were to learn about graphics/visuals. I really wasn’t for sure what to think about these graphics/visuals and I really wasn’t for sure what to think about creating one myself. I […]

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