My response to Hackschooling and Bud Hunt’s blog post…

Wow! I can’t believe what I learned just with reading Bud Hunt’s article and watching Logan LaPlante’s TED Talk. Both of them were incredible. I am so impressed that Bud Hunt talked about Make/Hack/Play. There are specific things that really stood out to me when reading and watching them. In the next two paragraphs I wanted to show you what really stood out to me as a learning educator.

The statement that really stood out to me is, “Beyond cameras, the metaphorical lenses or frames that we apply to our experiences can help us to better understand them, or to give us new ways of seeing what’s happening to or around us.” I can’t stop thinking about how right this statement is. I take pictures with my camera and I never thought of thinking of the lenses the way it is stated in the statement. The other statement that stood out to me is, “There are three lenses that seem essential for any learner’s toolbag, be that learner a student in a classroom, or one who frames the learning of others.” This article really opened my years to the different way I can view everything.

Here is the camera I look through every time I take a picture.


I really enjoyed this TED Talk, because it’s an actually teenager that is letting us be able to look into his view point. The boy asks “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Which is correct because most adults ask that question. This boy amazes me with how much he already now about. I know it took me a long time to find out half of the things that this teenager already knows about. Happy and healthy are doing these 8 things: exercise, diet & nutrition, time in nature, contribution & service, relationships, recreation, relaxation & stress management, and religious & spiritual involvement. He points out that schools teach students that making a living is more important rather than making a life. He quotes Sir Ken Robinson, “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” Hacking is a way to make the school system better. We all need to have a hacker mindset. In the video he talks about his education, he calls it hack schooling. It has these four things in it: creativity hacker mindset, experiential classes & camps, technology & online resources, and happy & healthy 8 TLCS. This way of learning is flexible, opportunistic, and never loses sight of happy, healthy and creativity a priority. This helps with having students motivated with what they like. This helps students learn about real life lessons.

Here are the Hyperlinks to Bud Hunt’s article and Logan LaPlante’s TED Talk. If you have not seen these than I would highly recommend them.

Logan LaPlante’s TED Talk

Bud Hunt’s article

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6 thoughts on “My response to Hackschooling and Bud Hunt’s blog post…

  1. I truly enjoyed the connection Hunt made between learning and camera lenses. I too am a lover of photography, and I never really thought about how different the lenses make me view the world, even though I adore how each turns out different depending on the lenses used. They allow us to view the world in a creative way, so to view school the same way using three different lenses is incredible and something that needs to be shared. If more teachers were to see the post by Hunt, perhaps schools could be a place of creativity and exploration, instead of strict due dates and sitting inside.


    1. I thought Hunt’s article was amazing. It really made me stop and look at the whole picture through my eyes. I think school needs to be fun for students so then the students can learn better.


  2. Shayna,
    I loved this! I agree, the way that Logan LaPlante conducted himself and talked about this information was impressive to say the least. He offered some exciting outlooks on education that really inspired me to look at the way that I learn in a different way. Do you think that education would be more exciting if everyone got to learn in the ways that Logan does?

    Thank you for sharing your post!


    1. I was blown away about how he is already understanding life when he is so young. I think that is very neat. I think education would be more exciting if we took a what Logan said and used it to better our schools.

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  3. I definitely agree, the article and the TED Talk were very eye opening as a future educator. I had never thought of the idea on teaching happiness as a main subject in schools but it makes a lot of sense. Some kids do not feel happiness in their lives because they might have a rough home life. As educators, we need to make sure that we teach happiness and show what that is like at school. If kids feel happiness at school then learning becomes more fun and they will hopefully bring that happiness home with them. Great post!


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