ILP : Pies

How much do you know about pies? This week I decided to do my ILP on the different kinds of pies. Throughout the holidays my family always has pies and I not just talking about one or two. I love making pies. I have learned recipes from my grandma and from my mom. I did […]

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Digital Footprint

It is amazing what a person can find on the internet. With this assignment I really wasn’t for sure how to approach it exactly. Well to be honest I wasn’t for sure what to do expect. I just googled typed in my name and I first found out there are more than one Shayna Kramer. […]

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Digital Citizenship

I add this picture because technology makes us all digital citizens. In the website it says, “Digital citizenship is the ability to participate safely, intelligently, productively, and responsibly in the digital world. Digital citizenship should also include positive, creative, deliberate use of technological tools and skills to create, connect, communicate, and collaborate in ways that make a positive […]

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Reflection about this course

I post this picture because describes my life perfectly and this picture reminds me that the sky is the limit. This class had helped me understand that. I cannot express enough about how much fun and how much I have learned in this class. I never pictured myself having a twitter account and twitting so […]

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