This week I decided to do my Independent Learning Project on Easter Sugar Cookies. I spent a lot of time making my sugar cookies, but they were very much worth them. I had many people say that they liked them.

Here is a little history on sugar cookies. On the website it says, “The modern incarnation of the sugar cookie can be traced back to the mid 1700s in Nazareth Pennsylvania. There, German Protestant settlers created the round, crumbly, buttery cookie that came to be known as the Nazareth Cookie. The Nazareth Sugar Cookie was adopted as Pennsylvania’s official cookie by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (House Bill 219,) though there has been some ambiguity concerning this issue after a 4th grade class at Caln Elementary School in Coatesville lobbied for a resolution that would designate chocolate chip cookies as Pennsylvania’s official cookie. The modern Nazareth-style sugar cookie has gained enormous popularity in America. Sometime in the 1930s it became traditional for children to leave sugar cookies and milk out for Santa Clause on Christmas Eve. Because of how easy it is to cut and shape the sugar cookie dough, customized sugar cookies like ours have become wildly popular.”

Just imagine walking into the house to see eggs hid everywhere and going straight to the kitchen to see sugar cookies on a plate. I smell the vanilla sent of the frosting and when I taste the cookie I taste the sweetness touch my sweet tooth. There is something about sugar cookies that just makes my day.

As a family we love to get together and see everyone. We are able to visit and eat some great food. Easter is a time for family to gather together and to have a fun time. This week I have been trying to get ready for Easter. When getting ready for Eastern I have to do a bit of baking. This year I decided to bake Easter sugar cookies. I wanted to make these because some of my family has been asking me to make some for a while now and I haven’t had a lot of time.

Here are a few of the pictures that I took of my sugar cookies that I baked.




Having sugar cookies at a holiday brightens up a day and brings sweetness to the day. Seeing all of the different colors of the frosting that it can be and all of the different sprinkles that can be put on it. Sugar cookies can be in all different shapes and sizes. It is amazing how they come out of the oven each and every time.

Here are some other Easter Recipes that would be fun to do with children:

14 thoughts on “My ILP

  1. I love sugar cookies and those look delicious! I am glad Easter is a fun time for you and your family because i think that everyone should feel that way about this time of the year! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. The cookies look great Shayna! I love how much research and planning you put into your ILP’s! The one thing that always gets me with the topic of sugar cookies is the fact that they can turn out hard or soft. I cannot stand mine hard but some people prefer them that way. Your’s look great!. Thanks for sharing your experience!


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