This week feels like it has come and went just like that. I can’t believe that each week keeps going by faster. This week we were to learn about graphics/visuals. I really wasn’t for sure what to think about these graphics/visuals and I really wasn’t for sure what to think about creating one myself.

I did a little research and I found lots of information that I didn’t know about. The products of the graphic arts, especially commercial design or illustration. A picture, piece of film, or display used to illustrate or accompany something.

Here is the website that I went to too decide which tool I wanted to use to create some graphics/visuals:

Before selecting one I tried to see which one would work the best or me so that is why I read the reviews. I decided to try the Canva website to create the graphics/visuals. I read that it was difficult to understand how to create one, but I just tried my best. To be completely honest it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

I had to create an account first. Then I had to decide on what design I wanted. I tried to do a variety of different designs just so I would be able to try a variety of them. After you pick a design you have to create it and make it your own. This is the fun part.

There’s a variety of different ways to create it to make it be your own. By changing the background, by adding your pictures, or by just add your own saying.

Here are the graphics/visuals that I created myself:

Free Spirit.png

Free Spirit-2.png

My Life.jpg



I created several so that I could better understand it all. This is a great to become familiar with it all and to better understand the tools that you can use. I had a lot of fun creating the ones that I did. I was able to learn something outside of the box and it really made me think. I learned so much from just this week that I am amazed. It is crazy to be able to create something that awesome. I never thought that apps could actually create all of these things.

Here are some great websites that can help you create your own:


Thank all of you for reading my post! I look forward to hearing your comments. I’ll see all of you next week.

7 thoughts on “Graphics/Visuals

  1. Before I even read your post I had to look at the pictures because they really caught my eye. Great job on them by the way!! And your statement on how fast time goes by, couldn’t be more correct! I think a lot of this week was just researching and trying out websites you like best or what perked you interest. There is A LOT out there that’s no doubt. Graphics and visuals are so important in the education world. It not only brings out creativity, but can also bring out deeper levels of thinking. Great post!


  2. I love those creations! All of them look really professional and you would never know you made them on a site that is totally free! Those are always fun to make and you could turn them into fun posters to put up around your classroom someday. Awesome job!


  3. Don’t worry, you weren’t the only one that was worried about creating a graphic/visual. Also I really liked what you posted. They are like the epitome of visual.


  4. Shayna,
    Your visuals turned out great! They were colorful and really drew my attention. I was nervous to create mine as well. You should be really proud of what you made thought. Awesome job!
    Madison Seamann


  5. Wow, is all I can say when I look at your visuals! They turned out amazing, and it seems like you really had a great time being creative. I was also worried about creating a graphic this week, but it ended up not being as bad as I anticipated! Great post, keep up the good work.


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